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Autism Training for Parents

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A Happy Family Behavioral Services helps autistic children reach their full potential. It’s because parental involvement in autism treatment is of such critical importance that we provide autism parenting classes.

Our parenting classes for children with autism will empower you to become an active participant in your child’s success. With our effective and evidence-based methods, you’ll learn several fundamental skills.

Parents of Young Children

Parenting an autistic child between 2 and 12 years of age requires being able to effectively navigate the day-to-day experiences. Our parent training program for young children will teach you how to:

  • Set limits on unwanted behavior that are firm but fair
  • Reduce the frequency of arguments and yelling
  • Deal with and overcome homework difficulties
  • Achieve bedtime and morning routines that are free of conflict
  • Effectively manage your child’s screen time
  • Support and encourage peaceful interactions with family members
  • Help your child get the most from the remote learning experience

Parents of Adolescent Children

Parents of older children must know how to handle all the challenges of autism spectrum disorder and those related to adolescence. Our autism parenting training program teaches parents of children between 12 and 15 to:

  • Set rules that are more likely to be followed
  • Inspire mutual respect as you reduce instances of conflict
  • Improve the quality and frequency of communication with your child
  • Keep your child safe via the setting of consequences that work
  • Manage difficult behaviors more effectively
  • Develop reasonable and achievable expectations

Why We’re the Best Choice in LA County

Our ABA therapy for autism training for parents is the best for many reasons.

A Highly Skilled and Qualified Team

Every member of our team has been carefully chosen for their specific and excellent qualifications and experience. Together, they offer over 16 years of expertise in autism treatment. To add to this, we ensure our team receives continual training and certification.

Small Client List

Keeping our client list small allows you to receive the time and attention you need during parent training.

The Support You Need

A Happy Family was created by a parent just like you. That’s why we’re able to offer you needed support for a richer learning experience that will ultimately offer your child so many benefits.

Dedicated to Your Success

When you’re ready to begin courses for parents of autistic children, A Happy Family is a phone call away! Reach out to us at 818-330-5328.