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Insurance Companies We Currently Accept

A Happy Family Behavioral Services is currently authorized to accept coverage from the following insurance companies:

  • Magellan/Blue Shield
  • Anthem/Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Regional center
  • Self-determination programs
  • Kaiser/Easterseal

In-Home ABA Therapy

Having a family member with autism, you may wonder about the most effective means of treatment. Many children with autism benefit from receiving home center based treatment, where they are most comfortable. Home-based services can inspire better learning and development of skills, as well as a safe space that enhances confidence.

What Is ABA Therapy?

Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, involves immersing a child in an environment that’s positive and caring as they receive personalized treatment and/or early intervention for autism spectrum disorder. Treatment via ABA home services allows children to experience improved development as the result of working with board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs).

What Can You Expect from A Happy Family ABA Services?

You can expect your child to benefit from a team with over 16 years of combined experience in treating autism. We only choose the most highly qualified professionals to work at A Happy Family, because we know that this is the only route to giving your child the best service. We also ensure that each and every staff member receives continuous training and certifications.

One to One Therapy

One to One Therapy is Focused ABA therapy that produces change across a broad set of skills. One to one therapy can increase your child’s independence and confidence with everyday life skills as well as communicating with others. Our care includes support not only for the child but for the entire family.

What Do We Do Differently?

A Happy Family Behavioral Services is proud to be a small, boutique-style ABA company. It is because of our small size that we’re able to cater to the needs of families, schools, and communities in Malibu, Burbank, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Pasadena, and throughout Los Angeles County.

A small clientele allows us to focus on delivering the highest-quality personalized services to each child. Maintaining manageable caseload numbers means our therapy and clinical team always has the resources and time that each child needs to learn, grow, and thrive.

The small size of our client base gives us the opportunity to put our abilities and passion into the creation of new and even more effective programs for your child.

Finally, our small client numbers afford us the great benefit of really getting to know your family and your child, leading to even more empowerment, revealing of individual strengths, and fostering their continued growth.

Our families never have to be placed on a waiting list or risk losing growth opportunities for their child, and their schedules are always taken into consideration and respected. And because staff are generously rewarded for the delivery of continued quality and experience for every client interaction, they are continuously driven to improve and excel.

It is in these ways that we meet our goal of separating ourselves from large corporations offering ABA services.

Getting Started with A Happy Family

The following is a breakdown of the general steps to getting started with A Happy Family.

Step 1: Intake

Intake involves a comprehensive consultation with one of our BCBAs, during which your primary areas of concern are discussed. The BCBA will also illustrate how we can meet your family’s needs.

Step 2: Insurance Verification

Following consultation, we will determine your eligibility and help guide you through the insurance process. You’ll also fill out a Service Agreement.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

Your child will be assessed at home for their skills. Following completion, we write a report that includes our proposed treatment plan, and review it with you.

Step 4: Treating Your Child

Following your approval of the treatment plan, we begin treatment by sending a behavior interventionist to your home to provide your child with individual support.

Our Services

A Happy Family Behavioral Services is owned and operated by parents just like you. This means we place the care and support of our clients as our top priorities. Our methods and strategies are science and research-based.

One-to-One Therapy

One-to-one therapy focuses on change across a broad skill set to increase your child’s independence and confidence with communication and daily life skills. We also offer whole-family support and monitor your child’s progress.

Behavior Intervention

Behavior intervention focuses on helping your child achieve the goals identified as important to them and yourself. Examples include toilet training, social skills, and functional communication skills to build independence.

Parent Training

Our Parent Training curriculum is a critical part of our program’s success and focuses on the areas you’re working on with your team.

We’re there for you and your child every step of the way—call (818) 797-9642 for an evaluation.

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    Process Our Process

    How ABA Therapy Works?

    Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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    This journey starts with a comprehensive consultation with one of our BCBA’s to discuss the primary areas of concern and how we can meet the needs of your family.

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    Insurance Verification

    We will help you determine eligibility of services and help navigate you through the insurance process which will include filling out a Service Agreement.

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    Treatment Plan

    Our BCBA and team will assess your child’s skills by administering assessments in the home setting. Once the assessment is finished, a report will be written and reviewed with you that includes the treatment plan that meets the needs of your child

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    Once approved, you will start therapy that will focus on the areas of concern addressed in the initial report. A Behavior Interventionist will come to your home and provide individual support to your child.

    Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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