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ABA Therapy in Los Angeles

The benefits of in-home autism treatment with ABA therapy simply cannot be understated. When a child is able to receive professional early intervention and autism spectrum treatment in the safe space of their home, confidence, learning and development all improve.

A Happy Family Behavioral Services specializes in effective and professional in-home autism treatment in Los Angeles.

Personalized Treatment With Applied Behavioral Analysis

With applied behavioral analysis (ABA), a positive and caring environment is crucial for successful autism evaluation and treatment. However, in order for complete success, evaluation and treatment must be completed by experienced and board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs).

The BCBAs who are a part of the Happy Family team of professionals in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding areas possess the necessary experience to allow for thorough evaluation and treatment of children with autism. Our clinic offers treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are experiencing repetitive behaviors and developmental disorders that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

The Happy Family Difference

Our clients and their families experience many benefits when they choose our ABA services.

Comprehensive Consultations

Our team’s main priority is to provide you with the most comprehensive autism evaluation in Los Angeles. That’s why we take the time to ask about and fully understand your primary areas of concern. We then take the information given to us and conduct several in-home assessments.

Detailed Reports and Plans for Treatment

Following our thorough assessments, we create a detailed report, outlining our plan to meet the specific and unique needs of your child. We review this plan with you to ensure that all of your areas of concern are appropriately addressed, and obtain your approval before going ahead with any stage of treatment.

One-to-One Connections

Our one-to-one therapy places the focus on the overall development of important life and communication skills. Working with an experienced BCBA, you will notice an increase in your child’s confidence and independence.

Support for Your Entire Family

Autism treatment is vital for your child. But we also understand the importance of parental support. Our behavior intervention training for parents allows you to reinforce your child’s learning between sessions as you strengthen your own confidence and skills.

Experienced Professionals

Our team members have state university education and possess over 16 years of experience in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders in children.

Small Size Equals High-Quality Experiences

A Happy Family is an ABA company in Los Angeles that keeps its list of clients small. In this way, we can ensure that your child receives only the best quality treatment. A small client list also ensures that our team is able to provide your child with the attention, time, and energy they need at each and every session.

As well, our small client list allows for even more of a personal connection with our clients and their families. A Happy Family is unique in that our clients are never placed on a waiting list. We will always consider, work around, and respect our clients’ schedules.

Where to Begin

Getting started with A Happy Family Behavioral Services begins with your child receiving a consultation with one of our skilled BCBAs. Next, we will help to guide you through the insurance verification process.

After filling out a service agreement, we work with you to develop your child’s personalized plan for treatment. Once you approve the plan, your child becomes our client, receiving top-quality ABA treatment in their safe and comfortable home environment.

A Happy Family Behavioral Services Is Ready to Assist You

Applied behavioral therapy is a well-researched autism treatment having over 40 years of history. If you feel that your child would benefit from social skills therapy in Los Angeles via ABA sessions at home that are administered by professionals, we encourage you to explore our website to learn more about highly personalized autism assessment and treatment in Los Angeles.

When you’re ready, simply give us a call, and we’ll put you in touch with our clinical director.